Internet – Easy access to Sin?!

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,




After a survey of several years I take this opportunity to reveal you about the dangers that today’s generation face due to their proximity to internet access.


Indeed internet is a gift to us from God, with a laptop in hand today we are very easily connected to the whole world at the touch of a button. Thanks to the invention of internet!  I myself have learned more about the Church and its teachings, about the lives of Saints, encyclicals, day to day Church happenings through internet. I am sure without the help of internet I could not have gained more knowledge about the Church and its teachings. Internet has provided numerous job opportunities as well to our youths.


I very well remember my college days in the year 1997 when me along with my friends used to wait in front of cyber cafés to download porn images. Most of the college students had the habit of watching porn movies and another meaning for internet was pornography to the college youths. Even I was aware of many girls of my college who often visited cyber café’s to watch porn movies. Today the development of the porn world is very rapid and most of the youths who have access to internet fall prey to it easily.


Scary Statistics:

- Do you know that there are over 4.2 billion porn websites in the World?

- The 12-17 age group is the largest consumer of Internet porn

- Up to 75% of all child porn production are spread over the Internet.

- In the last year, 1 out of 5 young Internet users received an unwanted sexual solicitation

- Internet filters are not 100%.

When I was working in Colombo, Srilanka I had witnessed school students rushing to internet centers after their class in groups to watch porn movies and to play games. Many Internet on-line games are also just as violent and sexually oriented. I heard on the news that there are many violent on-line games like never before. You can log on around the World at the same time and play a raping game. Whoever rape a girl first win the game.

There are a lot of sick things on the internet right now. Get a good Internet monitors program and keep a close watch on your kids because they can also play it elsewhere.
If you find out that your child is doing it, I suggest on being very understanding and diplomatic about it. Going crazy on your kid wouldn't help.


I recently came across a porn business promotion, it suggests to start our own porn website to make more money, also there is a affiliate schemes through which you can promote other porn sites through email messages etc.. for which you would be paid through cheque . This is how when you open some websites all of a sudden you get a pop up porn website without you typing its url. This is very perilous because when you are alone you are tempted to watch it and this is how you slowly enter into porn world and get addicted to it. Also there are many blog sites in which people post videos and expose their intimate sex with wife and girl friend, be cautious about your boy friends carrying a mobile phone with camera!


Myself being a lecturer have found 75% of the college student’s mobile phones filled with porn videos which are easily downloaded from internet and circulated among them. One student had clicked photos of a lady lecturer in different angles while she was teaching and circulated among friends and even tried to post it on the internet. It is very scary and shocking the way the youths are getting corrupted.


There are numerous video chat rooms (web messengers – yahoo, camfrog etc..) through which people expose themselves nude to others in the chat rooms. To our surprise the chat rooms are segregated into lesbian, gay, single, married and soon. Monitor your children if they have access to internet in their bedroom. You might be thinking your child is studying at night in his bedroom but he might be exposing himself nude to others and watching them nude. It is always appreciated to place the computer in the hall, never in the bedroom. After closely monitoring few of my friends children I warned my friends to be vigilant and advised them to remove the internet from the bedroom. They trusted their children very much and ignored my words; finally it was too late to rectify when they found them addicted to porn.


Social networking and discussion sites also called as online communities (orkut, friendster etc..)  are increasing everyday. Through these communities I was able to find many of my college friends after 8 years and these communities are really a bliss but at the same time these websites also help youths to promote sex communities.


Most of the chat rooms and social online communities lead youth into lewd practices. Prevention is better than cure; it is always good to keep an eye on our children’s behaviour. If you are a Catholic Christian visitation to the Blessed Sacrament and Sacrament of reconciliation (Confession) will help you to get ride of the porn addiction. I would recommend this website  for those who are addicted to pornography.


How to Prevent:

Parents .... 


1. Place the computer in a

Common Place
[living room/hall, not in a separate or closed room]


2.  To prevent your child from pornography, protect your PC with a password



3. If your kid is using the computer, then install porn filter software in your kids PC. [A survey says that more than 50% of the kids who were using the computers, have seen the Porn materials accidentally]


4. Family Prayer – Seeking God’s help through prayer will help your children to live a chaste and holy life.


5. Have a joint family meal daily with your children - Because loneliness provokes sinful thoughts. This habit may help them to come out of their close mindset.



Also it is the prime responsibility of the teachers to monitor their students and mentor them accordingly.


God sit on your shoulders!



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