Pope addressed today to the bishops of the episcopal conference of Myanmar

Vatican City (vaticans.org) - Benedict XVI hopes that, thanks to agreements concluded with the government of Myanmar, the international community and "all who are ready to help" may bring to the victims of cyclone Nargis "the type of assistance required and enjoy effective access to the places where it is needed most". And "may God open the hearts of all so that a concerted effort may be made to facilitate and coordinate the ongoing endeavour to bring relief to the suffering and rebuild the country's infrastructure".

Help for the people struck by the catastrophe was, naturally, central to the thoughts that the pope addressed today to the bishops of the episcopal conference of Myanmar, received this morning after previous meetings in separate audiences, on the occasion of their five-year visit "ad Limina Apostolorum".

The Church of Myanmar, in the words of the pope, "is known and admired for its solidarity with the poor and needy. This has been especially evident in the concern you have shown in the aftermath of the cyclone Nargis". Benedict XVI praised in particular the actions of Catholic organisations and associations.  "I am confident", he continued, citing his first encyclical, "that under your guidance, the faithful will continue to demonstrate the possibility of establishing 'a fruitful link between evangelization and works of charity'". "During these difficult days, I know how grateful the Burmese people are for the Church’s efforts to provide shelter, food, water, and medicine to those still in distress".

Turning his attention more exclusively to Church affairs, the pope then expressed his satisfaction with the growth of vocations, of both religious sisters and priests, and recommended a "robust and dynamic Christian formation" of all the faithful, inspiring them to take action in their workplace, family, and society.

Benedict XVI finally encouraged, for the majority Buddhist country, the development in mutual respect of "ever better relations with Buddhists for the good of your individual communities and of the entire nation".

Source: Asianews

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