Anglican and Catholic bishops joint statement slamming the violence

Colombo, Srilanka, Jun. 10, 2008 ( – “Shocked” by the high number of casualties in recent senseless attacks in Dehiwala, Moratuwa and Polgolla, the Catholic and Anglican bishops of Sri Lanka signed a joint statementcalling on the government to find a political solution to the civil war.

“Killing of any human being is unacceptable but the killing of innocent civilians is abominable. We vehemently condemn these acts of wanton violence and terrorism,” the statement said.

The bishops also appealed to Tamil Tiger rebels asking them to desist from using violence.

They called on both sides to enter into negotiations to find a way out of the crisis that has plagued this country for so long.

It is most urgent that the President and the government obtain the cooperation of all political leaders to forge a consensus as regards to a political solution since peaceful means is the only way to lasting peace,” the prelates said.

In another special press release the Anglican bishop of Colombo, Mgr Duleep de Chickera, urged “all parties to remain calm” because ethnic relations are fast spinning out of control exacerbated by the economic hardships people face.

Given the situation he urged the government and the rebels “to show greater political discernment and maturity to pull our country from the brink” and “collaborate [. . .] towards peace.”


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