Joseph Li Shan, Archbishop of Beijing, held a meeting for Olympic preparations

Beijing – His Excellency Joseph Li Shan, Archbishop of Beijing, held a meeting on June 12 for the Archdiocesan preparations for the Olympics, which will begin this August 8, in Beijing. Archbishop Li asked all parish priests, religious sisters, and laity to work together in offering improved pastoral and evangelization initiatives to the Chinese and foreign visitors: “every parish should offer its most competent lay members in receiving the visitors and meeting their needs, whether they be Catholic or non-Catholic, who wish to visit the church or participate in a religious service.” The Archbishop also appointed Father Matthew Zhen, Diocesan Chancellor, as the head of the Welcome Office for foreign visitors. The Archdiocese has already planned for 16 priests, along with other religious and laity to serve at the Olympic Village. In addition to the prayers of all Catholics, the Archdiocese will be offering the celebration of the Mass in English, French, and Italian for all guests. The foreign priests visiting will also be able to celebrate Mass in their own languages in the Churches of Beijing, when they so wish.

Agenzia Fides

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