Doctrina Christiana first book written in Taglog

Manila, Philippines, April 26, 2009 - "Doctrina Christiana, en lengua espaņola y tagala" Is the first book written in the local language to be printed in the Philippines. Published in 1593, it is the first example of the country's distinctive alphabet. Today the precious volume is available online, in the catalogue of the World Digital Library.

The Tagalog Doctrina Christiana went to the presses in 1593, and was based on the teachings of Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, an illustrious theologian and doctor of the Church. The volume was intended to spread Christianity among the population, using the local language, of which it became the text of reference. The work came a few months after the first book ever printed in the country, the Chinese language version of the same "Doctrina."

The only existing copy of the "Doctrina Christiana" in Tagalog is held at the Library of Congress in the United States, in Washington; internet users can read a copy of it by clicking on the cover of the volume, available in the catalogue of the World Digital Library.


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