Dioceses on the mainland have welcomed new priests

Beijing,China, May 29, 2009 Several dioceses on the mainland have welcomed new priests during this Month of Mary, especially on the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China (May 24) and on the feast of Saint Matthias (May 14).

According to information released to Agenzia Fides, Archbishop Joseph Li Shan ordained Deacon Wang Zhan Bo to the priesthood in the Archdiocesan Cathedral of Beijing, dedicated to the Holy Savior, on the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China and feast of Our Lady, Help of All Christians.

On the feast of the Apostle Saint Matthias, thousands of faithful of the Diocese of Yu Ci (today, Jin Zhong), in the Province of Shan Xin, enthusiastically welcomed their new priest, Fr. Joseph Wang Yong Qing. The priestly ordination was also accompanied by the deaconate ordination of Sun Jian Xin and Dong Tian Jun. Some fifty priests from all over the country participated in the event. The new priest, Fr. Joseph Wang, concluded his studies in the Seminary at He Bei in 2007 and is currently teaching at the Diocesan Minor Seminary and carrying out pastoral work in the parish.

The Diocese of Yu Ci (today Jin Zhong) has over 20,000 faithful, 28 priests, 24 seminarians, and 18 religious from the Diocesan Congregation of the Assumption. The diocese also runs a clinic that offers both traditional Chinese and Western-world medical treatment.

Also, on the feast of St. Matthias, over 2,000 faithful of the Diocese of Su Zhou attended the ordination of Fr. Zhu Cai Long. There were some thirty concelebrants in the Mass.

Over 500 Catholic faithful and numerous non-Christians participated in the priestly ordination held in the Diocese of Zhou Cun, in the Province of Shan Dong, on May 26, in the Cathedral dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Deacon Li Ming Xun was ordained a priest by Bishop Ma Xue Sheng, ordinary of the Diocese. With him, the number of priests of the diocese reaches 14. After his ordination, Fr. Li Ming Xun said: I want to do all I can to carry out my priestly ministry in the name of Christ the Teacher.

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