Last call for youth to participate in Taiwan Youth Day

Taichung, July 29, 2009 – Almost everything is ready and the Diocese of Taichung, which will host the Taiwan Youth Day 2009, is making another appeal to all the youth of Taiwan to come together on August 19-22 to participate in this great national event. “I think, I speak, I act like Jesus” is the theme of the “Taiwan Youth Day '09” that calls the youth to transmit the Lord's love with concrete actions. According to information sent to Agenzia Fides, the program for the event will includes moments of diocesan communion, sharing in the history of evangelization, faith workshops, a reenactment of the Way of the Cross, the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a concert, sharing experiences from the Asian Youth Day...

The Regional Bishops' Conference of Taiwan has given great importance to the event. Bishop Thomas Chung, Director of the Youth Group of the Commission for the Evangelization of the Bishops' Conference, on Palm Sunday published a Letter entitled “Youth, joy of the dioceses and hope of the Church.” The message shows a great support for youth ministry: “above all, our youth need encouragement and formation to join in the international youth encounters, such as World Youth Day and Asian Youth Day. Secondly, they should prepare and organize the formation and national youth encounters such as Taiwan Youth Day.” “Today more than ever, the Church needs youth, just as the youth need the Church. We should help the youth of today to become active leaders in the Church today. A special attention for the needs of the youth is really needed, not only for the future of the youth, but for the future of the Church and the country.”

The Diocese of Tai Chung has 36.394 faithful, 3 Bishops, 74 priests (29 diocesans, 45 religious), 9 religious brothers, 122 religious sisters, 15 major seminarians and 3 minor seminarians, 76 catechists, 54 parishes, 29 missionary stations, 85 semi-public churches. The Church also runs 1 university with 11,603 students, 3 middle schools with 7,691 students, 1elementary school with 1,582 students, 16 kindergartens with 613 children, 7 boarding schools with 355 guests, a Children's Rehabilitation Center with 314 children, a language school, a Center for Professional Training. The diocese also has a publishing house, a monthly magazine, and a radio station.

- Agenzia Fides

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