Pope Benedict said only the pure of heart could receive communion

Pope Benedict said on Sunday only the pure of heart could receive communion, a day after Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi joked that the Church should extend it to those who have divorced and remarried. Italian newspapers had reported that Berlusconi, attending a ceremony in Sardinia, asked a bishop offering communion when the Church planned to change the rules for people who remarried after divorce, who are barred from receiving communion. "You should turn to a higher power than me," replied the priest, according to newspapers. The pope, in a message to a Quebec conference, did not mention Berlusconi or divorce but said communion could only be given to those who were free of major sins. "We have to do everything that is in our power to receive (communion) in a pure heart, searching without end, through the sacrament of forgiveness, the purity that sin has stained," Pope Benedict said in his message. "On th ...Read More

The Pope called for peace in “tormented” Lebanon

Vatican City – In the address he made in today’s Angelus the Pope called for peace in “tormented” Lebanon and solidarity with the victims of a ship that capsized in the cyclone that hit the Philippines today. Before the Marian prayer was recited Benedict XVI quoting from today’s Gospel told the 20,000 present in St Peter’s Square that those who “fear” God do not have to fear because they know that they are “in the arms’ of the Father, and are not the victims of the “existential fear” that “sometime turns into anxiety” and “is born from a sense of emptiness linked to a certain culture permeated by widespread theoretical and practical nihilism.”“In this Sunday’s Gospel,” said the Pope, “we find two invitations by Jesus. On the one hand, He says “do not be afraid of them (men)”; on the other he says to “be afraid” of God (cf Mt, 10:26-28). We are thus urged to reflect on the difference that exists between human fears and the fear of God. Fear is a natural element ...Read More

Pope Benedict was invited to visit the Philippines

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI pledged Sunday to say a "special prayer to God" after a typhoon-stricken ferry sank with more than 700 people on board in the Philippines, a mainly Roman Catholic nation."It is with deep emotion that I learn this morning of the sinking in the Philippines of a ferry hit by Typhoon Fengshen (Philippine codename: Frank)," the pope said after reciting the Angelus prayer following his Sunday mass at the Vatican.Expressing "spiritual closeness" with islanders living in the typhoon's path, he said he would be making "a special prayer to God for the victims of a new tragedy at sea, in which it appears many children were involved".The M/V Princess of the Stars listed and sank in just 15 terrifying minutes Saturday in the typhoon-battered seas of the central Philippines, leaving only four survivors so far.Pope Benedict was invited to visit the Philippines, where eight out of 10 people are Roma ...Read More

Pope Benedict: Worldly fears can be overcome through trust in God

Vatican City, Jun 22, 2008 - Pilgrims gathered under a blazing sun in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday to pray the Angelus prayer at noon with Pope Benedict XVI. In his remarks preceding the Angelus, Pope Benedict said that worldly fears can be overcome through trust in God.Speaking of today’s Gospel, the Holy Father said the scriptures invite us to reflect on the difference between human fears and the fear of God. Fear, he said, is a natural dimension of human life. While we overcome the imaginary fears of childhood, others emerge that are founded in reality. These fears “must be faced and overcome with human commitment and trust in God.” However, the Holy Father said, there is a deeper fear that exists today, an “existential fear, which at times borders on anguish and which stems from a sense of emptiness that is tied to a certain culture permeated by widespread theoretical and practical nihilism.” ...Read More

More than 500,000 pilgrims, are expected to attend WYD08

THE "house full" signs will be up in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine coasts next month when 10,000 young Catholic pilgrims arrive in southeast QueenslandThe pilgrims, from 40 countries, will attend events in Brisbane from July 10 to 14, in the lead-up to World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney over the following five days.WYD08 will be the largest religious-based event Australia has ever hosted. It will attract over 125,000 international visitors, more than the 2000 Olympics.It also will mark the first visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Australia. The Pope arrives in Australia on July 17 and will celebrate Sunday Mass at Sydney's Randwick Racecourse on July 20.Brisbane WYD Secretariat spokeswoman Bernadette Kreutzer said 5000 international pilgrims were being fully accommodated in 2500 homes in the Brisbane archdiocese.Other Queensland dioceses also will host pilgrims, with 360 young visitors stayin ...Read More

Pope Benedict XVI is an inspiration for future priests

New York, June 21,2008 - For the New York Archdiocese, one positive affect of the April visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the Big Apple could be a turnaround in the dwindling number of men who are choosing to become priests.The Rev. Robert Bubel, who is one of the archdiocese's six newly ordained priests, played a major role as a deacon during the April 19 papal Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Bubel, whose formative religious years were spent in St. Columba parish in Hopewell Junction, said celebrating Mass for Pope Benedict affirmed his own decision to give his life to God."It certainly motivates me as a priest in wanting to give my entire life to the service of God and his people," he said. "I see a man like Pope Benedict who is so talented and given so many gifts by God. And he's given all of this to God and this is so important to him. His faith is so strong and a desire to spread that faith to the youth of America essentially is absolutely inspiring. I ...Read More

Vatican to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pope Pius XII

Vatican City,June 21. 2008 - Vatican officials this week announced plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pope Pius XII, describing the controversial World War II pontiff as a "great pope" who spoke out when necessary.    The Vatican has often defended Pius from charges that he remained largely silent in the face of the Holocaust.    Officials said that a convention to discuss Pius' teaching and influence on the church will be held in November in Rome.    The Vatican also plans a photo exhibit this fall in the colonnade of St. Peter's Square covering highlights of Pius' 19-year pontificate. He assumed the papacy in 1939 and died in 1958.    "It is our hope that this solemn commemoration of such a great pope can give rise to further in-depth research, free of prejudices concerning his actions," said Monsignor Walter Brandmuller, president of the Pontifical Commi ...Read More

Pope wants Catholic parishes to offer Masses in Latin

Phoenix, June 21, 2008 - Pope Benedict XVI wants Catholic parishes worldwide to offer Masses in Latin, saying it is a "gift from God" and a "treasure from the past" that should be offered alongside Mass celebrated in the regular language of people where they live.But East Valley Catholics doubt many would turn out for such Masses after initial curiosity or the novelty ended. So they wonder about the value in training current parish priests in Latin and teaching them to properly lead the old Mass, with its distinctive chants and precise rituals."I don't think very many Catholics are going to go back to the Tridentine Latin Mass," said the Rev. John Cunningham, the founding priest of St. Bridget parish in Mesa and St. Mary Magdalene parish in Gilbert. "They have lived with the New Mass for 40 years, and I believe they find it more meaningful and expressive of their faith.""Vernacularization" was instituted as part ...Read More

Pope Benedict XVI met with administrators of Catholic radio stations

Vatican, Jun. 21, 2008  - Pope Benedict XVI met on June 20 with administrators of Catholic radio stations from around the world, and told them: "The words that you broadcast each day are an echo of that eternal Word which became flesh." The Holy Father spoke to participants in a conference at the Pontifical Urban University, organized by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, under the leadership of Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli. He told the 130 broadcasting executives, representing stations in 50 different countries, that they should recognize the importance of their work in the evangelizing mission of the Church. ...Read More

Belarus' authoritarian president invited Pope Benedict XVI

MINSK, Belarus, June 21,2008 — Belarus' authoritarian president invited Pope Benedict XVI to the mostly Orthodox former Soviet republic, the presidential press service said in a statement Friday.Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the offer the same day he met with Vatican's No. 2 official, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who is in the country to preside at the weekend consecration of the first Catholic church to be built in the capital city, Minsk, since 1910.The Orthodox church, which includes about 80 percent of the population, wields significant clout in Belarus through a 2003 agreement it signed with the government.But the Vatican under Benedict has been pursuing a goal of outreach to the world's 250 million Orthodox Christians. A trip to Belarus by Benedict could move the Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church one step closer to a meeting — and the ultimate goal of healing the nearly 1,000-year schism between the two main branches of Christianity.Lu ...Read More

The Church is growing in Pakistan

Vatican City, June, 21,2008 - In spite of the difficulties that the Church faces in Pakistan, it is growing, and, by forming priests and laity carefully, it is carrying forward interreligious dialogue; at the same time, by making its services available to serve the common good, it demonstrates that "the love of Christ is no mere abstraction".  Benedict XVI encourages the actions of Catholics of Pakistan, "despite conditions that sometimes hinder their capacity to take root", in his address to the country's bishops, whom he received today for their five-year "ad limina" visit. "Whenever we courageously shoulder the burdens placed upon us in circumstances often beyond our control", he told them, "we encounter Jesus himself, who gives us a hope that surpasses the sufferings of the present because it transforms us from within". In his address, Benedict XVI emphasised among other things the importance of the example of faith that t ...Read More

25,000 Catholics poured through the streets of Quebec City

QUEBEC CITY, June 21, 2008  -- Nearly 25,000 Catholics from around the world poured through the narrow streets of Quebec City, accompanying the Eucharist in an outpouring of religious fervor absent from this city for at least half a century.The June 19 procession was one of the highlights of the 49th International Eucharistic Congress June 15-22. The Eucharist, held in an oversized modern monstrance, was driven through the streets on a platform pulled by a truck. Riding with the monstrance were Slovakian Cardinal Jozef Tomko, Pope Benedict XVI's representative to the congress; Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet; and Cardinal Theodore-Adrien Sarr of Dakar, Senegal.Jean Audet watched the procession with his 34-year-old son, Louis."It's very old, it reminds me of my young time," said the elder Audet, who is no longer a practicing Catholic.He explained that when he was young the English Canadians were Protestan ...Read More

New Latin patriarch of Jerusalem - Archbishop Fouad Twal

Vatican City, June 21, 2008 - As of today, Archbishop Fouad Twal is the new Latin patriarch of Jerusalem.  Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation presented by His Beatitude Michel Sabbah, whose coadjutor Archbishop Twal has been since 2005. The new patriarch was born in Madaba, in Jordan, on October 23, 1940.  In October of 1959, he entered the major seminary of Beit-Jala, and was ordained a priest on June 29, 1966.  In September of 1972, he began studies in canon law at the Pontifical Lateran University, and in October of 1974 he entered the ecclesiastical Pontifical Academy.  In 1975, he received his degree in canon law. From 1977 to 1992, he served as a diplomat at the apostolic nunciature of Honduras, the council for public affairs at the Vatican secretariat of state, the apostolic nunciature in Germany, and the apostolic nunciature in Peru. On May 30, 1992, he was appointed bishop of Tunis, and was ordained on July 22 of the same year.  On May 31, 1995, ...Read More

Catholics who rely on Eucharist can better resist secularization

QUEBEC CITY - Catholics who rely on family members and the Eucharist can better resist secularization, Bishop Edward K. Braxton of Belleville, Ill., told pilgrims at the 49th International Eucharistic Congress.Bishop Braxton noted that the family in the Western Hemisphere "has changed dramatically."Citing statistics that only 25 percent of American families are made up of a mother, father and children, he said changes in the family and decreased attention on the family dinner have made the meal "merely feeding time.""We are challenged not to imitate secular society," which can undermine the family and marriage, said the bishop.The family "relies on the Eucharist" by praying and going to Mass together as well as having a family discussion of the homily, he said."There is nothing wrong with telling children" to turn off the computer and TV and "ev ...Read More

Obama, McCain among the scores of mourners at funeral Mass for Russert

WASHINGTON  -- The presumptive Democratic and Republican presidential nominees were among the scores of mourners at the June 18 private funeral Mass for NBC News Washington bureau chief and "Meet the Press" moderator Tim Russert, who died June 13 at the age of 58.In his homily, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, said the presence of both Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain was not only a special tribute to Russert, but to the U.S., speaking to the country's "values of respect and to those fundamental virtues which ultimately are more important even than politics and the shifting sands of public life."Before his unexpected death, Russert expressed his excitement about the 2008 presidential race and was eager to see the Obama-McCain race through to November.Though the funeral Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the Georgetown section of Washin ...Read More

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