Pope Benedict XVI will name a new primate for Poland

Warsaw, Jan. 3, 2008 (vaticans.org) - The Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reports that Pope Benedict XVI will name a new primate for Poland sometime this spring. If the Rzeczpospolita report is accurate-- and it has not been confirmed by Vatican sources-- it would contradict earlier indications that Pope Benedict would allow the current Polish primate, Cardinal Jozef Glemp, the retired Archbishop of Warsaw, to retain that title until he reaches his 80th birthday in 2009. Cardinal Glemp became the Polish primate in 1981, when he succeeded the legendary Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski as Archbishop of Warsaw and of Gniezno. Historically the title of primate was attached to the Gniezno archdiocese. But in 1992, when he approved a restructuring of the Polish hierarchy and appointed a new Archbishop of Gniezno (Henryk Muszynski), Pope John Paul II stipulated that Cardinal Glemp would remain the primate. Source: CWN ...Read More

Archbishop of Colombo condemns the assassination of MP Maheswaran

Colombo, Srilanka, Jan.04, 2008 (vaticans.org) - The Archbishop of Colombo, Most. Rev. Oswald Gomis, condemns the assassination of MP Maheswaran. Press Release: With the dawn of the New Year we have already witnessed two tragic incidents in Colombo itself. This clearly indicates that war and violence is not going to be the path to permanent peace.It is very clear that we have to seek a political solution to the crisis we are facing. We must confess to a sense of profound disappointment at the long delay on the part of the powers of the South to offer a consensual solution to this long drawn conflict.Whilst we witness daily killings, abductions and other forms of social crimes, the whole process of democracy is getting eroded. Therefore we strongly urge to the powers that be, to accelerate the process of finding a lasting solution immediately. Whilst we extend our deepest sympathy and condolence to the bereaved family of Hon. T. Maheshwaran MP and to th ...Read More

The Holy Name of Jesus

by Br. Peter Totleben, O.P.January 3, 2008One of the best things that I have discovered in religious life is the power of the Name of Jesus Christ. For the past year and a half, I have started more and more constantly to call on the Holy Name of Jesus and His mercy. This has transformed my relationship with God, and sustained me through the difficult periods of growth that come along with Christian discipleship.Jesus' Name is such a powerful prayer because names are powerful things. If I do not know a person's name, then that person is a stranger to me. But, as soon as I know his name, we are no longer strangers. We have a relationship. We can talk to one another and share our l ...Read More

Three millon people in Pope Benedict XVI's meetings in 2007

Vatican City, Dec.03,2008 (vaticans.org) - During the year 2007, almost three million faithful participated in public meetings with the Pope, either in the Vatican or at his summer residence of Castelgandolfo. According to statistics released by the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, a total of 2,830,100 people attended the Wednesday general audiences, special audiences, liturgical celebrations and Sunday Angelus prayers during the course of the year. The Wednesday general audiences, held in St. Peter's Square and the Paul VI Hall, attracted 729,100 people. This figure reflects the number of tickets distributed, and does not take into account the thousands of faithful who arrive without tickets and also participate. ...Read More

Hope for historic dialogue between Catholics and Muslims

Los Angeles,U.S.A, Dec.03,2008(vaticans.org) – Relying on a weekend report in ‘L'Osservatore Romano’, the Associated press is reporting that Catholic and Muslim representatives have agreed to a Spring meeting in Rome to begin what many hope will develop into an historic “dialogue” between the Catholic Church and significant leaders from the broader Islamic community.Pope Benedict XVI proposed such a dialogue in his response to the now famous letter sent to the Holy See by 138 Muslim scholars from throughout the world.The Holy Father’s response was criticized by some, even within the broader Christian community, for not having been more immediate. Some of the same people had also criticized his September 12, 2006 speech to an academic community in Regensburg on faith and reason without having read the full text.Certain reports concerning his now famous scholarly presentation fa ...Read More

Vicariate of Arabia - One Diocese, 12 Countries, 3 Million Catholics

By C. M. PaulTwo and half million Catholic youths in their late teens, others in their twenties, live alone in desert work camps, on oil pipelines or platforms. For lack of means of transport or permission from employers (female domestic helps in very large Islamic families) cannot attend Mass even on Christmas and Easter. Some faithful fall easy prey to evangelical sects and Islam. Add to that another half a million Catholics hailing from South India, the Philippines, Egypt and Lebanon living with families.Welcome to the Vicariate of Arabia, territorially the largest diocese in the world, comprising 12 Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen and the seven countries of the United Arab Emirates).No Statistics for Migrants: ...Read More

Fifty people killed inside a Church in Kenya

Nairobi,Kenya, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - At least 50 people sheltering in a church, most of them women and children, were killed in Kenya yesterday when a mob torched the building.The victims had sought refuge at the Assemblies of God church in Eldoret, 300 kilometres from Nairobi, after rioters destroyed their homes in earlier attacks.Red Cross officials say they have been overwhelmed by the number of casualties from the violence in the area and they fear worse is to come.Yesterday thousands of armed people were heading towards Burnt Forest, a few Kilometres from Eldoret. Burnt Forest has a history of violent tribal clashes.Many observers expressed concern about the fairness of the ...Read More

CLAAS:Benazir Butto's assasination,a devastating news for Pakistan's oppressed Christians

London, U.K, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - The killing of former Prime Minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is "devastating news" for Pakistan's oppressed Christian population. This was the reaction of CLAAS, an organisation that fights for the rights of Pakistan's 3.5 million-strong Christian minority.Nasir Saeed, director of CLAAS had said that Ms Bhutto had been "the best hope" for the country's non-Muslim population as well as the nation."We had spoken with Ms Bhutto about the appalling persecution that Christians currently face. She listened hard to our grievances, and promised that she would attempt to rectify the situation, once she was back in the Parliament. Pakistani Christians around the World had been praying for her ...Read More

Dangerous situation in Kenya, Bishops to appeal for peace and reconciliation

Nairobi,Kenya, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - Today, the Bishops of Kenya will make an appeal to peace and reconciliation in the country, where they spoke of an increasingly tragic humanitarian situation and concern for Christians living in some areas as well. The contents of a declaration of the Bishops Conference of Kenya, which will be announced today, has been previewed to SIR today by father Martin Wanyoike, director of the Catholic radio station Waumini. “The situation is really nasty and risks getting worse, especially in some areas of the country – says father Wanyoike -. The dioceses are sending news that a huge number of people have been killed, even if the Kenyan media gave no figures and are covering very little of what is going on. In downtown Nairobi, the situation is fairly quiet, but in the slums it is really very dangerous, because people of the kikuyo ethnic group (he most endangered because they ...Read More

Pope at General Audience:Presence of Mary in the Church and personal life

Vatican City, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - An invitation to “carefully consider the importance of the presence of Mary in the life of the Church and in our personal life”. It was made today by the Pope, who devoted the first general audience of 2008 to the figure of Mary, “the Mother of God” (Theotokos), from the name that was officially given Her by the Council of Ephesus of 431, until the doctrine of Mary, summarised by the eighth chapter of the “Lumen gentium”. “The qualification of God’s Mother, so deeply linked with the Christmas festivities – recalled Benedict XVI –, is the fundamental appellation with which the community of believers has always honoured the Virgin” and that “aptly expresses the mission of Mary in the history of salvation”, because “any other qualification given to the Virgin has its foundation in Her calling as the Mother of the Redeemer, the human creature elected by God to accomplish th ...Read More

Louisville Archbishop Kurtz to celebrate Mass with Pope in New York

New York, U.S.A, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - Hundreds of Louisville Catholics will celebrate their history with the Pope on April 20 when the House that Ruth Built becomes a house of worship.Pope Benedict XVI will honor the Archdiocese of Louisville when he celebrates a Yankee Stadium Mass in New York City along with Louisville Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz and other bishops whose dioceses are celebrating 200th anniversaries.The archbishops of Boston, New York and Philadelphia -- whose archdioceses are also celebrating bicentennials -- will take part in the Mass, as will the archbishop of Baltimore, the oldest Catholic jurisdiction in the nation."It's a great honor" for Kurtz ...Read More

Pope at Angelus: Rediscover God and build solidarity

Vatican City, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) – In the first Angelus of the year, the Pope expressed his best wishes for a “peaceful and useful” New Year to more than 30,000 pilgrims gathered in St Peter’s Square, entrusting it to “the celestial protection of Our Lady which today’s liturgy makes us invoke using her most ancient and important title, that of Mother of God.” Also in the “name of Mary, Mother of God and of men,” he also entrusted the World Day of Peace, which yesterday celebrated its 41st edition. This year’s chosen theme is the “Human family, Community of Peace.”“The same love that builds and holds together the family, the vital cell of society, favours among the peoples of the earth the start of relations of solidarity and collaboration suitable to members of the human family. The Second Vatican Council made this point when it as ...Read More

Archbishop Raphael:Eight days of prayer for the persecuted Christians in Orissa

Mumbai, India, Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) – India’s Christian community “continues to live in anxiety and fear”, while the Church in Orissa is undergoing an “authentic Calvary”. These are the words used by Indian bishops to describe the situation in their country in the aftermath of the anti-Christian violence organised by fundamentalists from Vishva Hindu Parishad (Vhp) between December 24 and 27. The Archbishop of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, msgr. Raphael Cheenath, referred the episode to the Bishop’s Conference (CBCI), which has announced 8 days of prayer (from December 30 to January 8th) for the Christians in Orissa.Minority rights activists and diverse leaders of the Catholic Church denounce that there are still many Christians, mainly from tribes, who remain hidden in the forest for fear of further attacks, living without food or shelter, surviving ...Read More

Pope Benedict XVI: Christians thank God for blessings in 2007

Vatican City,Dec.02,2008 (vaticans.org) - Marking the end of a year, Christians turn to God who is eternal, thanking him for the blessings he has given and asking for his help and protection, Pope Benedict XVI said.Presiding over a Dec. 31 evening prayer service in St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Benedict said that marking the passage from one year to the next "leads us to turn our gaze with intimate recognition to the one who is eternal, to the Lord of time."The prayer service, in which officials from the Rome city government participated, ended with the singing of the "Te Deum" hymn of thanksgiving to God.While the civil calendar changes, the pope said, the church is still in Christmastime, which should help Catholics remember tha ...Read More

Order of the British Empire honours Carmelite Superior Theresa

York,U.K, Dec.31,2007 (vaticans.org) - Sister Theresa Joseph Pegus, O.Carm., is to be made a Member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. The award was announced in the Queen's New Year Honours List, published by the British government. The MBE pays tribute to outstanding achievement and service across society. Sister Theresa Joseph is the regional superior of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters in England. The sisters, who celebrate the centenary of their foundation in 2008, have three communities in England at Leicester, Birmingham, and York. Sister Theresa Joseph was awarded an M.B.E. for her services as Assistant Roman Catholic Chaplain at Her Majesty's Prison Glen Parva in Leicester. Glen Parva opened in 1974 as a Young Offenders' Institution, and has some 800 inmates. ...Read More

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