Archbishop Timothy Paul Broglio appointed to serve U.S. Military

Vatican City, Nov 19, 2007 (CINS/CNA).- The Vatican announced today that ArchbishopTimothy Paul Broglio has been selected to be the Archbishop of United States Military Services, taking the place of Archbishop Edwin Frederick O’Brien who was named Archbishop of Baltimore in July 2007.Archbishop Broglio was born in 1951, and was ordained in 1977 to the Diocese of Cleveland.  After serving there for two years, he returned to Rome to continue his studies at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy. Currently, Archbishop Broglio serves as Apostolic Nuncio to Dominican Republic as well as the Papal Delegate to Puerto Rico. ...Read More

Today in Church History

461 St. Hilary begins his reign as Catholic Pope 498 Anastasius II ends his reign as Catholic Pope 615 Pope Deusdedit/Adeodatus I elected to succeed Boniface IV 1302 Pope Boniface VIII delegates degree "Unam sanctam" 1523 Giulio de' Medici chosen as Pope Clemens VII 1544 Pope Paul III opens council of Trente  ...Read More

Food for Thought: More Afflictions, More Purity.

The more the soul is afflicted, stripped, and humiliated, the more it acquires, with purity, an aptitude for the heights. The elevation of which it becomes capable is measured by the depth of the abyss in which it has its roots and foundations.- Saint Angela of Foligno ...Read More

Former senior US diplomat Warren Clark named as executive director of Churches for Middle East peace

Washington, U.S.A, Nov.19, 2007 (CINS/Ekklesia) - Former Ambassador and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Warren Clark has been named Executive Director of Churches for Middle East Peace. Clark will succeed Corinne Whitlatch, who has led CMEP for 21 years, upon her retirement at the end of 2007."Warren Clark brings to CMEP a distinguished diplomatic career and a deep commitment to the churches' role in addressing problems and resolving conflicts. His understanding of the complexity of both the region and the development and implementation of US foreign policy will serve CMEP well in the days and years ahead. He will be able to build on the extraordinary work of Corinne Whitlatch, who has built CMEP into a respected voice for US policies that recognize the painful realities of the Middle East while serving the cause of justice for all of its people," said Mau ...Read More

Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams should tackle Anglican homophobia, says Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Canterbury, U.K, Nov.19,2007 (CINS/Ekklesia) - Nobel Peace Laureate and South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says that Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams should be tackling homophobia in the church and making it a welcoming place for lesbian and gay people.In a BBC radio interview to be broadcast next Tuesday, 27 November 2007, Archbishop Tutu says that he is depressed by the Church's "obsession" with the issue of gay priests, and believes that its Gospel message is being undermined by "extreme homophobia".Tutu says Christians should instead be focusing on global problems such as combatting prejudice, poverty, AIDS/HIV and the environment."Our world is facing problems - poverty, HIV and Aids - a devastating ...Read More

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state, meets Argentina’s political leaders

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov.19,2007 (CINS/totalcatholic) - Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican’s secretary of state, met with Argentina’s political leaders at the end of his recent trip which saw him beatify the Argentine Mapuche Indian, Ceferino Namuncura.Argentine President-elect Cristina Fernandez received the Vatican secretary of state alongside her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner, in Buenos Aires.After the meeting, Cardinal Bertone said he hoped Fernandez, who was elected at the end of October with 45 per cent of the votes, would be able to “take the country out of purgatory and elevate it to paradise”.“The president always says he took his people out of hell and into purgatory. I hope that the future president will be able to tak ...Read More

Message for the World Aids Day - Archbishop Bernard Moras

December 1, 2007Youth: Take the Lead - The future is now!“With the power of the Holy Spirit … you will be my witnesses”(Acts 1:8)1. December 1, 2007 marks another ‘World AIDS Day’. This is an opportune time for us, as one community of believers, to reflect on how this epidemic has changed life around us and the challenges it has posed. Inspired by the mandate of Jesus, the Divine Healer, the Catholic Church in India considers it a special mission to provide compassionate care and solace to the many living with HIV and AIDS, and take concerted and sustainable measures towards preventing further spread of this pandemic. The enduring assurance of Jesus, “I will be with you!” (Mathew 28:20), serves ...Read More

Thai Bishops: The call to vote, participation in political life, a moral duty

Bangkok, Thailand, Nov.19,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – Thailand’s Catholics “must take part in politics i.e. to use the vote with the instinct of righteousness in order to restore political and social unity.” This is the sense of the message published yesterday by the President of Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Msgr.  Philip Banchong Chaiyara, centred on the parliamentary elections due December 23rd next.Msgr. Chaiyara explains that the responsibility to vote, “is a virtue, the partaking in political process is a morale obligation; it is the significant fundamental of all Christian.  It is a sacred duty as consideration based on reason and conscience are needed to vote for the good candidates who are capable, with moral conduct and sacrifice for the benefit and happiness of all”.The prelate concludes by u ...Read More

Cardinal Sfeir appeals Lebanon people to take on their responsibility for the good of the country

Beirut, Lebanon, Nov.19,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – The crucial week, the last chance to “rule” on the election of the new President of the Republic, given that the current post of Emile Lahoud empire on November 24th, opened with an affirmation by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who says he has “little hope” that the issue will be resolved. Parliament has been convened for the day before.Kouchner’s pessimism, cancelling his earlier optimism, finds its source in what the daily An Nahar called “crossed vetoes” which greeted Maronite Patrriach, Nasrallah Sfeir’s list of “consensus” candidates. The political parties had explicitly asked for the Cardinal ’s intervention, with an aim to ”unblock a dramatic situation”, as described by the Patriarch himself.  Yesterday during mass, card. Sfeir launched a fresh appeal to all those responsible, to “take on their responsibility ...Read More

Help Bangladesh: Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions launches fund-raising campaign as toll reaches catastrophic proportions

Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nov.19, 2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – Four days since cyclone Sidr slammed into southern Bangladesh the human and economic losses are reaching catastrophic proportions. Some areas are still inaccessible to rescue teams. The death toll from the cyclone, the worst in the last ten years, is expected to reach 5,000-10,000 people according to the country’s Red Crescent Society. In some areas 95 per cent of the rice harvest as well as farms and cattle literally have been wiped out.Human lossesCyclone S ...Read More

Today in Church History

1210 Pope Innocent III excommunicates Roman Catholic Emperor Otto IV 1893 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Providentissimus Deus  ...Read More

Food for Thought: Give Him Our Heart

We should resolutely give Him our heart for His own and should empty it of everything else, that He may take out or put in whatever He pleases as if it were His own property.- Saint Teresa of Avila(The Way of Perfection ) ...Read More

India Communications Day: “Love is the heart of communication," urges Jesuit provincial of South Asia region

New Delhi, Nov.18,2007 (CINS/CBCI) - “Love is the heart of communication, and that love has to be brought to all families, institutions and neighbourhoods,” declared Jesuit provincial of South Asia region, Fr Hector D’Souza today in New Delhi.Fr D’Souza was addressing the assembly in the Sacred Heart Cathedral on the occasion of the India Communications Day which is being celebrated throughout India on Sunday, Nov. 18.“As the Church in India celebrates the Communication Day, Pope urges us to reflect on the power of Media on the children, a challenge for all of us parents, teachers, educators and elders,” he said.“Creation is God’s loving communication with His creation. All humans created into the very image and likenesses of God, through their comm ...Read More

Pope calls on the international community to help Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr

Vatican City, Nov 18, 2007(CINS/CNA).- Before starting the Angelus prayer today in St. Peter's Square, Pope Benedict XVI expressed his closeness with the people of Bangladesh, who were devastated by Cyclone Sidr this past Thursday, and implored the international community to provide assistance to those who are suffering from the consequences of this calamity. Government sources report that Sidr has taken the lives of 2,217 people, although local media estimate that the death toll could reach three thousand when the counting is finished in the more remote areas. The Holy Father reminded those suffering that they should turn to Jesus who promised to meet our everyday needs and that they should live "trusting in his loving providence." The Pontiff expressed his closeness to those who are suffering and la ...Read More

Pope at Angelus:Natural disasters and human tragedies do not mean the end of the world

Vatican City, Nov 18, 2007 (CINS/CNA).- With thousands of faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square for the Angelus prayer today, Pope Benedict XVI rejected the "recurring messianisms" that are continually announcing the imminent end the world. He explained that "history is ongoing, and involves human tragedies and natural calamities."Reflecting on the Gospel reading for this Sunday, the Holy Father recalled that, since its inception, the Church "prayerfully lives in the care of its Lord, scrutinizing the signs of the times and keeping the faithful on guard against the calls of messianisms, which from time to time announce the imminent end of the world "."Actually, the Pontiff said, history must take its course, which also involves human tragedies and natural calamities. As time ...Read More

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