Today in Church History

594 Gregorius van Tours, Frankisch Bishop of Tours, dies  ...Read More

Food for Thought: To walk in Jesus Christ

To walk in Jesus Christ seems to me to mean to leave self, lose sight of self, in order to enter more deeply into Him with every passing moment, so deeply that one is rooted there.- Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (Last Retreat) ...Read More

Cyclone Sidr, Caritas Bangladesh rushes to aid population

Cyclone Sidr, Caritas Bangladesh rushes to aid populationDhaka, Bangladesh, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – Clean drinking water and shelter are urgently needed in Bangladesh, where the provisional death toll from cyclone Sidr has risen to over 1100 victims.  Governmental and international emergencies relief services have been operative on the ground since yesterday, after the cyclones passage devastated the southern coastal area of the country on November 15th. Thousands are injured, many more remain missing, entire villages have been submerged, homes and trees swept away by 250 Km/h winds. The worst affected areas are Barisal, Borguna, Pirozpur, Jhalokathi, Bhola, Luxmipur, Patualkhali, Bagerhat, Sathkhra and Cox’s Bazar.Caritas Bangladesh and its local partner Catholic Relief Services are among those working o ...Read More

Halki’s Chapel of the Transfiguration almost destroyed by forest guards

Istanbul, Turkey, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – A XVII century chapel dedicated to Our Lord’s Transfiguration, which lies in front of the Haliki School of Theology, was almost completely destroyed yesterday by Forest Guards.  The Church had been recently restored with the permission of local authorities.  Demolishers had begun tearing down the building without any prior warning, which is called for in such cases.Only at the last minute was the total destruction of the chapel avoided: following protests by the prior of  Haliki School and Metropolitan Meliton, director of the Ecumenical Patriarchates office for legal affairs, the prefect of the Prince Islands stopped the Forest Guards. The building however was seriously damaged.The Prior of Halki immediately brought to the attention of the Turkish authorities tha ...Read More

Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI

To participants in the meeting of Superiors General of Missionary Societies of Apostolic Life.Consistory HallFriday, 16 November 2007 Your Eminence,Your Excellencies,Dear Fathers,It is a particular pleasure for me to greet you, the Superiors General of Missionary Societies of Apostolic Life, meeting here in Rome at the invitation of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Your assembly, which brings together the Superiors of the fifteen Missionary Societies of pontifical right and the six of diocesan right, bears eloquent witness to the continuing vitality of the missionary impulse in the Church and the spirit of communion uniting your members and t ...Read More

Benedictine monks kick-off footballing youngsters' team dream

Leicestershire, U.K, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/totalcatholic) - An order football-fan monks can be said to have scored an own goal – and they’re delighted.For the 36 monks of Mount St Bernard Abbey, near Coalville, Leicestershire, are not only soccer-loving Benedict ines, but they have also reached their goal of helping youngsters living on one of the East Midlands’ most deprived estates, by giving them the cash to start their own football team.The once-extinct Greenhill FC has been resurrected after the monks came forward to help out after hearing about the youngsters’ ambition.A sum of £3,000 was handed over to kick-start various projects, with the proud new football club being right in the scoring line. ...Read More

Successful school facing closure under education shake-up

Staffordshire, U.K, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/totalcatholic) -  A top-performing Catholic school could face closure under plans for a massive reorganisation of secondary education in Stoke.The city’s education authority is failing and an external company has been brought in. As part of the move, all the city’s secondary schools may close to attractmassive government funding for a complete overhaul of itssecondary provision. All teachers and headteachers would lose their jobs and be forced to reapply for their positions.Three Catholic schools would be affected by the proposals,including the Trent Vale-based St Joseph’s College. The sc ...Read More

Does the Church Still Value Catholic Schools?

by Greg FazzariIs it still open season on Catholic schools?  Want to hear another mean Nun story?  How about another touchy feely religion class story?  Want a tidbit of heretical teaching to share? If you want to read about these, I'm afraid this article might disappoint you. I've heard plenty of these stories and shared many with friends and acquaintances.  But there came a point when these stories lost some of their comic value.  I admit, I don't laugh as heartily as I used to.I made three big mistakes, and thus I've had a change in attitude toward Catholic schools. My goal is to change your attitude as well. My first mistake was entrusting my children to a Catholic school.  My second ...Read More

Cardinal Saravia to beatifie Priest Antonio Rosmini, founder of Rosminians

Novara, Italy, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/Romereports) - On Sunday November the 18th, Cardinal Saravia will beatifie in Novara, Italy, priest Antonio Rosmini, founder of Institute of Charity, know as the Rosminians.The religious order was founded in the 19th century and currently has 300 priests worldwide with most of its vocations come from developing countries.Seminarians pray, then study and carry out small duties within their house. Twenty-four year old Ravi Yerraji from India is in charge of the library. Seven years ago he decided to be a priest. “One thing that impressed me most about the Rosminians was the varied acts of charity they perform”, he says. “They are not limited to one work of charity; charity extends to all, and that’s what I liked of them.” ...Read More

Preparations underway for the Papal trip to Lourdes

Vatican City, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/Romereports) - Pope Benedict XVI will visit the sanctuary of Lourdes in France next autumn. He will be only the second Pope to go there. The first was John Paul II, who visited the sanctuary during his last trip outside Italy.The Pope will visit Lourdes to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the young Bernardette Soubirous. The apparitions took place in a grotto at Lourdes which has since became the most visited shrine in Europe.According to Jacques Perrier, Bishop of Lourdes, the sanctuary is the second most important place in Catholicism after Rome. “There isn’t a more international place than Lourdes”, he says. “There are other sanctuaries with lots of visitors, but they are focused on one region: Cz?stochowa is for the Polish, Fàtima for t ...Read More

Pope: The mission of announcing the Gospel to all the nations is still only beginning.

Vatican City, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – The mission of announcing the Gospel to all the nations “is still only beginning, and the Lord is summoning us, all of us, to be committed wholeheartedly to its service” because the “harvest is great.”In repeating the exhortation of the Redemptoris Missio Benedict XVI evoked the meaning of missionaries’ choice as he received yesterday in the Sala del Concistoro the participants to the meeting of the superiors general of the 21 missionary societies of apostolic life, a meeting promoted by the invitation of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of People.Calling the meeting an “eloquent witness to the continuing vitality of the missionary impulse in the Church and the spirit of communion uniting” the missionaries, Benedict XVI noted that “[t]oday, as in the past, mi ...Read More

Nuncio to Washington says Israel not keeping its promises to the Holy See

Rome, Italy, Nov.17,2007 (CINS/AsiaNews) – “Everyone can see how much faith can be placed in Israel’s promises,” said Mgr Pietro Sambi, former Vatican nuncio to Israel (till 2005) as he talked about relations between the Holy See and the Jewish state, which he blames for not respecting the commitments it made in an agreement it signed in 1993.Monsignor Sambi, who now is nuncio in Washington, said in an interview with that “the relations between the Catholic Church and the State of Israel were better when there were not diplomatic relations.”“The Holy See,” he noted, “decided to establish diplomatic relations with Israel as an act of faith, accepting that the demanding promises to settle the more concrete aspects of the life of Catholic communities and the Church would be left for later.” ...Read More

Today in Church History

 1914 Pope Benedict XV calls for peace 1922 Pope Pius XI calls on Belgian people to unite 1989 6 Jesuit priests are killed by El Salvadorian troops  ...Read More

Food for Thought: Mary, Place of Divine Response

 Our Lady is the place of the divine response, of the divine coming. In her, humanity becomes conscious of God’s desire and fully efficacious will to give Himself to us. Mary is the place of this meeting; better still, she is the temple in which is consummated God’s espousals with humanity, the hidden sanctuary in which the Spouse is united with the bride, the desert that flowers at the breath of God.- Paul-Marie of the Cross, OCD(Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition ) ...Read More

Catholics in Karnataka state of India rededicate themselves to share Jesus experience

Bangalore, India, Nov.16, 2007 (CINS/CBCI) -The catholic community of Karnataka, at the end of the 3-day Regional Mission Congress, named Kristhotsava, held at Good Shepherd Convent Auditorium, Bangalore from 8-10 November 2007, has decided to rededicate themselves to share Jesus Experience with their brothers and sisters.The following is the full text of the statement issued at the end of the meet:1. PREAMBLEWe, the 1200 participants, comprising the Regional Bishops, representatives of priests, the religious and the lay Faithful from the 11 dioceses of Karnataka, after having actively participated in the deliberations of the first Regional Mission Congress, named Kristhotsava, held at Good Shepherd Convent Auditorium, Bangalore from 8-10 Nov ...Read More

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